Name: Shridhar Mishra

Sub org: Italian mars society.

Integration of Unity Game scene with the existing pyKinect and emulate a moving skeleton based of the movements tracked by the Kinect sensors.

Another year of GSoC is coming to an end and most of the proposed work has been complete.

List of commits:

Project description:

Things done:
  • Setting up kinect 2 with ERAS environment.
  • Data extraction from kinect 2 which includes skeleton coordinates, infrared, and video output from kinect camera using python.
  • Setting up Kinect with Tango Controls and sending skeleton data using specialised numpy array.
  • Unit testing of Pykinect2 and Tango.
  • Unit testing of Unity game engine related code.
    Challenging bits:
    • Integration of Kinect interface and the architecture less communication using tango.
    • Selection of data that is supported by Tango and which is feasible for constant polling process which least possible latency between the transmission.
    • Setting up Tango on Windows can also be an uphill task :-P.. follow this for hassle free installation
    Future enhancements:
    • Multi threading has to be improved so that tango can run simultaneously in a daemon thread efficiently.
    • Proper Integration of Tango and Unity.
    • Add test cases.
    • Test skeleton co-ordinates received at the linux end.
    • Final integration testing and deployment.