I shall be using the same blog that i created for Gsoc 2015.

Huh! So its good to be back with a new project! Kudos to Italian Mars Society. I did some work before the actual coding begun and got to know the new members of my team as well.

Here's the progress till now.
  • Successfully imported and ran all the test programs and Kinect works fine. 
  • Stored all the readings  in json format on my Windows machine for the joint movements. 
Further I have to send them to Linux virtual machine using vito's code. 

On the unity end I have been using a plugin that tracks joint movements for trial. There is also a paid plugin that uses Kinect out of the box. A decision has to be made after consulting my mentor for the usage of the paid plugin.

Things are now gonna be a bit slow since my exams are from 30th May to June 12th. At this time Karan doesn't have exams so I can pick up from his work on Kinect if at all they co incide. I can work with my full capacity after 12th.